AUDI A4 Seat Belts,rear Recall | July 22, 1997

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1997 AUDI A4 Seat Belts,rear Recall | July 22, 1997

Vehicle Description: Passenger Vehicles. The Rear Seat Belt Retractors May Not Lock Properly When Engaged, Or Not Remain Locked After Being Engaged.

In The Event Of A Crash, An Improperly Locking Seat Belt Could Cause Injury To An Occupant.

Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken: Dealers Will Replace The Rear Seat Belt Assembly.

Note:audi Has Telephoned All Owners Involved In This Campaign. No Further Action Will Be Taken On This Recall.

This recall was issued on July 22, 1997 for 1997 AUDI A4, manufactured by VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA,INC, in response to Seat Belts,rear problems.

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