AUDI 80 Steering,column Locking,anti-theft Device Recall | Apr 10, 1990

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1990 AUDI 80 Steering,column Locking,anti-theft Device Recall | Apr 10, 1990

Improperly Manufactured Steering Lock Bolts Could Break If Driver Applies Excessive Force To A Locked Steering Wheel In An Attempt To Disengage The Steering Lock.

Bolt Breakage Would Cause Steering Wheel To Remain Locked Even After The Driver Turns The Ignition Key And Attempts To Move The Car; This Total Loss Of Steering Control Could Result In An Accident.

Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken: Replace Complete Steering Lock Assembly, Including A Modified Lock Bolt.

System: Steering Lock Bolts.vehicle Description: Passenger Cars Equipped With Air Bags.

This recall was issued on Apr 10, 1990 for 1990 AUDI 80, manufactured by VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA,INC, in response to Steering,column Locking,anti-theft Device problems.

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  • Felix

    (March 2, 2016 - 10:31 pm)

    Hello Nick,Googling for a 2010 Le Mans shot, I found a picture of two Audi LMP1 racres posing on the Le Mans track in 2010 with a ferries wheel in he background, referring to your Blog. May I use the photo in a small racing car book written by Karl Ludvigsen German Racing Silver’ which I am currently translating into German and updating ?By the way, I am the proud owner of an early TT quattro coupe having covered more than 150.000 miles by now troublefree. I was also editor of the first official Audi customer magazine back in 1965 until 1985 and for along time I owned a 1933 Audi fwd convertible, still existing with an Ingolstadt engineer-collector.Best regards, Halwart

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