AUDI 100 Power Train,axle Assembly Recall | Jan 11, 1993

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1993 AUDI 100 Power Train,axle Assembly Recall | Jan 11, 1993

The Differential Oil Of The Transaxle Is Lost Over Time Due To Evaporation. Low Oil Levels Cause Premature Bearing And Gear Wear And Eventual Failure Of The Differential.

In The Event Of Failure, The Vehicle’s Drive Wheels Couldlose Power. In Extreme Circumstances, The Front Wheels Lock, Causing Rapiddeceleration Resulting In Possible Loss Of Vehicle Control And An Accident.

Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken: Drain And Replace The Differential Gear Oil With Oil Having Higher Performance Characteristics.

System: Power Train.vehicle Description: Passenger Cars With Automatic 3-speed Transmissions.

This recall was issued on Jan 11, 1993 for 1993 AUDI 100, manufactured by VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA,INC, in response to Power Train,axle Assembly problems.

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