2015 Audi Q5 Unknown Or Other problems & defects.

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Audi Q5 Unknown Or Other problems : 1.

Approximately 10:45 Am My Husband (the Driver) And I (the Passenger) Were Driving West On Co Hwy 86 Just Leaving Franktown, Co And Had Crossed Over The Cherry Creek Bridge When The Panoramic Sunroof In Our 99 Day Old 2015 audi q5 Exploded Outwards. The Outside Temp Was Approx. 35 Degrees, Light Winds, Windows Up, Sunroof Closed / Sun Shade Opened Half Way, And Vent For Outside Air Was On; No Cars Ahead Or Behind Us; No Large Chunks Of Debris On The Road. We Initially Thought We Had Been Shot At And Ducked While Looking Around For People And A Safe Place To Stop. After Initial Check To Ensure Neither Of Us Was Bleeding We Started Looking For Anything Near Or In The Vehicle That Would Have Caused An Explosion; It Was Then That We Noticed There Was A Small Amount Of Glass (in Relation To The Size Of The Sunroof Panel) Inside The Vehicle. Glass Had Rained Down Inside The Car Covering Both Riders, The Front Console And Dash; All Over The Back Seats/floor (the Sunshade Was Halfway Open). We Immediately Called audi Roadside Assistance That Helped Guide Us To A More Central Location For The Tow Truck To Find Us In Castle Rock, Co (approx 5 Miles). While Waiting For The Tow We Called Our Insurance Company And Took Photos Of The Exploded Roofline And Scratches/gauges On Back Of The Car The Glass Had Left. We Then Followed The Tow To A Gas Station Where The Vehicle Was ¿

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