2013 Audi RS5 Service Brakes problems & defects.

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Audi RS5 Service Brakes problems : 1.

The rs5 Had A Very Bed Problem With The Breaks. When I Was Using The Breaks The Car Was Shacking, Especially When I Used The Break At The Speed Of 75/80 Mph. The Car Was Unsafe And To Stop Completely The Car I Had To Go Out Of The Street. On November 2013 I Left The Rs A5 At The Dealer In Greensboro. On The Afternoon I Was Contacted By An Advisor Of The audi service In Greensboro. This Advisor Told Me That My Car Needed New Pads And New Rotor And That These Parts Supposes To Come From Germany And The Wait To Have This Parts Was 2 Weeks. The service Advisor Told Me That During These 2 Weeks I Could Drive My Car. When I Told Him That The Problem With The Breaks Was Very Bed Especially At 80 Mph He Answers Me Back That The Speed Limit Is 65 Mph. When I Went To Pick My Car Up From The Dealer In Greensboro And When I Told The service Advisor That Driving Over The Speed Limit Was My Problem And That The Car Is Supposed To Handled Higher Speed Than 80 Mph He Was Very Unpolite And He Trough The Document Of My Car On The Desk. When I Told Him That He Had To Be Polite With Customers He Told Me ¿

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One thought on “2013 Audi RS5 Service Brakes problems & defects.

  • Shane Bordeau

    (December 29, 2015 - 10:00 pm)

    I too have a 2014 RS5 and it’s only 13K miles in – my brakes started shuttering bad at 60-8- miles an hour. I never tracked the car and use it for some normal day to day driving around town. The dealer first called and said that I’d have to pay $2K to have the pads and rotors replaced but then came back and said they could get it done under warranty somehow….

    I am looking for a brake upgrade system (maybe ceramic) that wont break the bank…. suggestions welcome for a needed upgrade – thanks thought to my local Austin TX dealer for stepping up to help the issue.


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